North East Apprenticeship Company offers a unique, flexible and low risk way to employ apprentices. Our services are simple, efficient, cost effective and responsive.

We are a recruitment company that specialises in sourcing apprenticeship placements, matching skills to placements and developing and supporting apprentices. Unlike other apprenticeship schemes, NEAC recruits, employs and arranges training for apprentices, for those organisations that may not be able to employ an apprentice themselves. We offer a flexible solution that will help you address any current skills gaps you may have.

The starting cost of having an apprentice sourced and supported by us is £120 per week. This comprises of their salary (37.5 hours per week) plus a service charge to cover the management costs of employing and supporting the apprentice. In addition, we organise the latest training available to equip the apprentice with the right knowledge and skills for the role and can even arrange for your apprentice to be ‘shared’ across a number of organisations should you struggle to meet the ongoing costs.

The North East Apprenticeship Company employs all apprentices therefore, you will benefit from:

  • a cost effective recruitment strategy
  • screening and selection of the right apprentice for your business
  • management of the apprentice’s payroll, national insurance and tax
  • ongoing support and guidance
  • support for the apprentice should you be unable to continue to employ them